The Need

Teddy Hall is one of only a few colleges which cannot house all of its undergraduates, leaving students to find their own private accommodation in one of UK’s the most expensive cities or choosing to study at another college. To address this, we want to house all undergraduates who wish to live in for all of their course in high quality and sustainably designed accommodation. Norham St Edmund embodies care for two precious things – our students and our planet. The creation of 108 new bedrooms and the upgrade of 18 more at 17 and 19 Norham Gardens will secure our strategic and sustainable ambitions.

The Vision

This innovative development will provide a sense of community, connection and camaraderie for all.

Our commitment to conservation and an environmentally sustainable design is central to this project.

Watch our fly-through video to see the different aspects of the development.

The Design Brief

Our new buidings will have Passivhaus status, whilst EnerPHit guidelines will govern a low energy renovation of our existing Victorian Villa.  Brilliantly designed spaces – with en-suite bedrooms, kitchens, communal areas, gym and gardens – will deliver significant income in term-time rentals but are also highly valued for conference clients in the vacation periods.

The Funding Goal

This development requires a significant capital investment of which the Hall has committed its own private placement funds, together with a fundraising target of £15m.

Norham St Edmund will generate a significant per annum uplift in income, providing a new level of financial sustainability.

Two sites – one community!

  • £15m Total Need 20% 20%

£3m Raised

£12m to go

£3m raised.            £12m to go

The Opportunity

The following naming opportunities, and more, are available:


  • £4,000 – A pledge of £4k per annum for five years, plus Gift Aid, will fund a bedroom
  • £25,000 – Will fund individual bedrooms
  • £50,000 – Will fund JCR/MCR Communal spaces
  • £50,000-£250,000 – Will fund Garden spaces
  • £750,000-£2,000,000 – Will fund individual buildings
  • £10,000,000 – Will fund the overall ‘campus’ at Norham Gardens

For more information, please contact:

Andrew Vivian, Fellow and Director of Development

+44 (0)1865 279096
St Edmund Hall, Queen’s Lane, OX1 4AR

* Many thanks to Picture Plane and Wright & Wright Architects for the supply of the Norham St Edmund Images.

  • Hallmarks Campaign Total £50m 20% 20%

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