Over 800 years of adaptation, inspiring each new generation of learners at Europe’s oldest continuous undergraduate academic institution.

Whether it has been adapting a church to become the spectacular home to our main library, ensuring that Wi-Fi is available across our campus in an era when that is arguably more important to our students than running water or adopting hybrid teaching techniques in response to the constraints of the pandemic, evolution is a constant.

As the subjects we support, the research we undertake and the backgrounds of our students become ever more diverse, please continue to fuel our ability to be relevant.


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Norham St Edmund

Providing accommodation for our entire community of undergraduates using class-leading environmental building design and construction. Find out more

Queen's Lane Modernisation

Queen’s lane is the centre of Hall life and in order to ensure that it remains fit for purpose, we must:

  • Refurbish and rewire the Front Quad and its 18 rooms. (£3m)
  • Improve the energy efficiency of the site, including extensive double-glazing of the Kelly and Emden Buildings and other conservation initiatives. (£1.6m)
  • Ensure key parts of the estate are fully accessible to those with restricted mobility and that we create at least one fully-adapted en-suite bedroom, with an adjacent nurse’s room. (£500k)

Sustainability and Conservation

Sustainability lies at the heart of Teddy Hall’s ambition to be the greenest college in Oxford. In order to reach this goal, we have the following ambitions.

  • Our new Norham St Edmund development will be designed, constructed and operated in accordance with PassivHaus principles. Find out more
  • The extensive double-glazing of the Kelly and Emden Buildings with significantly improve their energy efficiency. (£750k)
  • A variety of water and energy conservation initiatives across the Queen’s Lane site will contribute to a net-zero scenario. (£250k)
  • The careful and imaginative management of our food waste will minimise our environmental impact. (£100k)
  • A range of greening initiatives across the College will enhance the appearance of our outdoor spaces and buildings, whilst creating a beneficial and vital ecosystem of which we can be proud. (£500k)


As part of our mission to be truly inclusive, we must ensure that key parts of the estate are fully accessible to those students, staff and visitors with restricted mobility. We will continue to open up areas of our historic site and will create at least one adapted en-suite bedroom, with an adjacent nurse’s room. (£500k)

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