10,000 alumni in over 100 countries know that they will always belong to the Hall and to each other.

From the moment a Fresher steps through the Queen’s Lane arch, they begin a lifelong relationship.  In partnership with the St Edmund Hall Association, a programme of digital networking, reunions, social and academic events keep Aularians connected.

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What does my donation support?

Your donation funds these important projects.

Diversity & Inclusion Fund

Teddy Hall is proud to be an international community that both welcomes and celebrates diversity. We aim to be a place where each and every student feels confident and is respected, as this enhances the social and academic experience of everyone here. We recognise that there is more to be done and therefore, donations to this fund will support regular celebratory events such as our ‘In Conversation’ series which seeks to explore questions around diversity and inclusivity, themed Formal Hall nights which celebrate festivals such as Diwali, Eid and Thanksgiving, and so much more. Help us build a welcoming, inclusive culture where every student feels at home at Teddy Hall.

Public and Community Engagement

Our inaugural ‘Access Hall Areas’ event in 2019 attracted over 1,000 visitors, young and old, enabling a new audience to engage with our research, buildings and culture. We are ready to open our doors once again!

A central feature of our community engagement is the Centre for the Creative Brain. It brings together people from a wide range of disciplines and provides an opportunity for discussion and dialogue. In particular, it aims to explore how neuroscience can further our understanding of the aspects of our lives that make us most human, and how insights from art, music, and literature can enrich our understanding of the brain. Our open events have explored topics such as Shakespeare and the brain, artists with epilepsy (‘Creative Sparks’) and the mystery of hypnosis.

An endowment fund of £100k will enable us to continue and embellish this programme for future years.

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