The Principal and Governing Body of St Edmund Hall are excited to announce the launch of ‘HALLmarks: Forged by the Hall’, a £50m Campaign that will deliver vital and visionary investment in the physical, intellectual, pastoral and cultural aspects of the 800-years-old College. The Hall has raised 20% of its total to date. Now, we are reaching out to our alumni and friends to help us achieve our £50m goal over the next five years.

Lord Patten Barnes speaking at Hallmarks launch

Lord Patten Barnes speaking at HALLmarks launch

Launched by the Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes, Chancellor of the University of Oxford, on 27 April 2022, the £50m campaign marks the next strategic step for the Hall, building on the launch of its 10-year strategy and vision to become greener, more diverse and more accessible, announced in October 2019. The ‘Forged by the Hall’ campaign comprises of a menu of interlocking projects, programmes, and needs.

Under the ‘Physical’ goal, the Hall aims to raise £25.1m of which £15m will go towards a new and sustainable 126-bedroom building at 17 and 19 Norham Gardens. The new facilities will allow Teddy Hall to house every one of our undergraduate students, making the College an unequivocal choice for candidates from all backgrounds. The Hall also has ambitious plans to modernise its historic twelfth-century estate, become more sustainable, and increase access to the site for those with limited mobility.

The Hall’s ’Intellectual’ goal is to raise £19.2m in support of study and research, from endowing fellowships, to increasing the number of Early Career Fellowships, and maximising opportunities to study and research in the College’s twelfth-century library.

By raising £2.95m towards its ‘Pastoral’ goals, the Hall will also increase provision for student support, graduate scholarships, and student welfare and wellbeing, including the appointment of a permanent College Counsellor.

Finally, Teddy Hall’s ‘Cultural’ ambitions will support the College community’s creative spirit and sporting success with an additional £2.75m in funding. With those funds, the ‘Forged by the Hall’ campaign will not only sustain the Hall’s brilliant Access & Outreach Programme, but it will also increase the number of opportunities available to students in sport, music and the arts and bolster Public Engagement activities and events, celebrating Teddy Hall’s diverse and talented community.

Campaign Launch dinner

The HALLmarks campaign launch dinner on 22 April 2022.

The ‘Forged by the Hall’ campaign is itself forged around eight HALLmarks representing the enduring and emerging components of St Edmund Hall’s DNA and community: Camaraderie, Creativity, Curiosity, Community, Conservation, Continuity, Care and Connection. Each HALLmark is linked to our four fundraising goals so that alumni and friends alike can align their support with those values that resonate most with them as individuals. As the Campaign gets under way, the College is asking everyone in the Teddy Hall community to consider how they were ‘forged by the Hall’. Tell us your stories and reflections of your time at the Hall and join us as we embark on the next chapter of Teddy Hall’s future together.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about the Campaign, contact Fellow & Director of Development, Andrew Vivian at or +44 (0)1865 279096.