“I am so grateful for the support I have received, it has allowed me study and have a more fulfilling experience at Oxford without having to work to support my basic needs. It has also taken a huge burden off my mother, who is a single parent.

The best aspect about the Hall, and Oxford more generally, is the inspiring and incredible people I have come across, it’s an amazing city where I have learnt so much beyond simply academics. The variety of people and the spirit is unparalleled. Being here has allowed me to try extracurricular activities that growing up I didn’t have access to. It was because of the Hall that I started considering doing sports. This year I began rugby and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

Thank you for helping me have the Oxford experience that I am so privileged to have had. Your donation has been an integral part of my degree and I am thoroughly grateful that you continue to support people at the Hall.”

Iqra (2018, Jurisprudence)